Saturday, 1 October 2011

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Hello everyone,
September is always a special month.I have most of my friends and relatives born in this ninth month.This means more imagination and fantasy at work.One such piece is below.Its made in a bright yellow color to attract attention.

The card stock used here is celebrations.Well a wise choice is to use colors that complement your card stock.Since I choose red for the flower template,I thought of using blue to feed the corners.It turned out well.I also wanted to include a butterfly but its positioning was a bit confusing.So finally an idea struck me that it can be displayed as flying over the flower.Hope you all would like it!!!

I have another one in the craft basket.This one was made for a special person.This was again born out of my love for yellow color.The card in itself involves a quilled frame with some glitter stones at the bottom.The butterfly in the center is made by punching and pasting 3 heart shaped cuts.

You may wonder why I end up using these glitter stones all the time.But its just that I love using them and I feel they add shine to my ideas.

Well the most innovative attempt so far was a card made for my younger brother.It was his birthday and I presented my heartiest greetings and wishes in this card.

Again those stones came  to my rescue.This time I used them to write his name.
He liked it a lot (he claimed so ;)  ).

Hope you all would like them.Please follow my blog and leave a comment.Thank you all!!!!

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