Saturday, 7 May 2011

Mother's Day

She is the most loving person I could ever meet in my life.She gives me everything I need and I dont need.Because for her, I am always a child and never an adult.When its cold outside, she loads me with woollens so that I dont catch a chill.Further, she makes me drink litres of water to escape summer heat.She ensures that at every moment I am doing good and growing.She cares rarely for herself because all the time she is busy looking after all of us.She works truly hard and with utmost passion.She is none other than my own MOTHER.She is someone without whom this world would have no meaning to me.She carries me in her heart all the time.You give me all the warmth I need.

When I was baby,I just knew to cry.You taught me to eat and laugh.You were the first word I uttered.You gave me this speech.You taught me to differ right from wrong.I still remember that day when you had slapped me once for not eating a raw apple.I was demanding you to cut it for me.And just the moment you slapped me,you were also crying for being harsh to me.Such is your love.Even in adolescence,I would have heated arguments with you but I could never see you loving me less.You seemed to care even more.I also remember the way you dressed me so beautifully in my childhood.You took extra care that I looked pretty in my attire.I remember once you were awake till 1 AM when I participated in school annual day.You were busy making my green hat!!!

Maa do you remember when my class teacher had called up home to inform you that I have stood first.You didnt believe it first!!!That was one day I could feel that you are my strength.Do you remember in 6th grade,when I was struck with chickenpox during final exams.I had to appear for sanskrit exam.Mumma you would read out the book so many times until I could memorise the whole.I just owe those 97 marks to you.It was and it is always your efforts that have made me a top scorer.This reminds me of another habit of yours.Maa you used to ask me the answers I wrote in the exam when I returned home.Was it to ensure that I wrote correct or was is to ensure that I scored the best????I still dont know ;)
I find this one very funny but it just comforts me now.You kept a table napkin,a napkin to keep on my lap,a handkerchief pinned to my ID card and last one to wipe my wet hands.I wonder you pampered me like a princess.You would tailor my clothes which I find the best.You still have treasured my first garment I wore when I landed up here.
There are so many things I want to write here.But they better be between us than the world.One which I want to say is you are truly honoured and truly loved.You are always and I mean it,always my love.Whenever I am in pain or in jubilation,I utter your name from deep down.I dont have words for what you have given and done for me.Still I feel to express this to you.I dont write with much sophistication.Simply put-With my whole heart,I wish you a very happy mother's day.I know each day is mother's day but today is just one day when I should say this to you mother-"MUM I LOVE YOU.YOU ARE THE BEST".

There is a surprise for you.Actually by the time other's read this, it would have reached you.Its a greeting to express my love.Mum you are fond of handbags so here is a greeting purse for you.Its a purse and its a card.

Hope you would like it!!!Tome a cuidado mi madre hermosa :)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Quilled Card with crimped borders

I have designed a new card which involves quilling,crimping and punching.I shall brief the steps to prepare it.

First of all, take a blue A4 size sheet and fold it into half along the length.This shall serve as the base of the card.Next take yellow,orange,red and green quilling strips of 3mm thickness and length around 30 cm.Now quill the yellow strip and as you reach the end just paste it keeping it still on the quilling tool and paste one end of the orange strip over it and quill it to the end.This way you will have yellow at the centre and orange around it.Similarly,quill green strips to make leaves.You can also use any other color of your taste.

Just keep in mind that before making a choice, keep that colored strip on the base(blue sheet) and consider your selection.This way you can make your card really colorful and attractive.

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