Sunday, 24 July 2011

Quilled Paintings

The real work begins here!!!
I planned to make some paintings for my family members and friends.Here are some attempts.

This is how it looks after framing.

Some more of them are displayed below.

Thank you for watching.

Quilled Earthen Pot

Well folks this has been one of my personal favorite so far!!
I experimented with quilling.I tried sticking a paper piece to a painted earthen pot and there it was.Wow!!I am done.So here have a look.

So begin by thinking of a design.Next soak your pot overnight in a bucket of water.Next morning dry it up in sun and paint it as per choice.Its better to choose dark colors so that every quilled piece is reflected well.Please give it a one day time to dry up.You need to use any oil base paint for this.Next prepare a design to be put up on the pot.Ensure that you don't pick thin pieces because chances are that they would loosen up and end up nowhere.Choose hues of red,blue,green,yellow to make it bright. Finally after you are done with pasting let it dry for a day or two.You may doubt that the normal glue wouldn't aid in sticking but it is the only thing that I have used to establish this.So get in all your earthen vases and pots and pamper them!!!

Back to creative me

Hi all,
I realized that I was gone for a really long time.So I am back with lot of experiments.I gifted this card to one of my close friend.

This can be very easy to prepare.You need to choose a base color which is pink in this case and a suitable patterned paper or cardstock.Next you decide the card orientation whether it opens horizontally or vertically.Now you have to measure the dimensions of patterned paper and just stick it to the base.Ensure that all the ends are uniformly done.Next to make it a bit shiny add any lace or a border as per choice and there it is.Next you can even enhance the look by adding shiny stones,embellishments or buttons to your card.Now to  give it a final look just punch 2 butterflies and stick them wherever you want.Finally ensure that you are being generous while applying glue so that you card lands up nicely and is received with great warmth.
This is a tip that this card can be made in about 30 minutes and is as easy as ABC.

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