Sunday, 1 May 2011

Quilled Card with crimped borders

I have designed a new card which involves quilling,crimping and punching.I shall brief the steps to prepare it.

First of all, take a blue A4 size sheet and fold it into half along the length.This shall serve as the base of the card.Next take yellow,orange,red and green quilling strips of 3mm thickness and length around 30 cm.Now quill the yellow strip and as you reach the end just paste it keeping it still on the quilling tool and paste one end of the orange strip over it and quill it to the end.This way you will have yellow at the centre and orange around it.Similarly,quill green strips to make leaves.You can also use any other color of your taste.

Just keep in mind that before making a choice, keep that colored strip on the base(blue sheet) and consider your selection.This way you can make your card really colorful and attractive.


Anonymous said...

Its nice!!!

Anonymous said...

This is nice....Keep it up:)

jatin said...

there are are only directions for making quilled card with crimped borders but I cant see the card anywhere in your post.

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